Eureka 47-79 Corp.

will be offering private vault storage and safe deposit box rentals. Today we offer bid/ask precious metal sales in Silver and Gold Bullion and Coins.

Eureka 47-79 Corp., is aligning its jurisdictions and implementing steps to keep our customers private in their affairs in times such as these. Coming shortly this site will Not be available to the general public, but all the while complying with KYC/AML procedures. This website will be switching over to a VPN network. Customers wishing to access this precious metals website will need to email for a membership application today.

24/7 Access

We are open Monday thru Friday. Closed Saturday and by appointment only on Sunday.

Custom Box Sizes

Unlike most banks, we offer various sizes of our safe deposit boxes, both large and small. This means you only pay for what you need.

100% Privacy

All of our family-owned private safe deposit boxes and storage are Class III vault facilities that exceeds government and Comex standards.


Select product

Please observe the total weight as well as the volume to be stored.


Select additional services

You can arrange storage and request an audit or other services remotely.


Complete and return contract/documents

Complete and sign documents and enclose additional information.

Safeguard Your Assets

Storing your valuables with us can reduce your home owners or renters insurance cost.

Safe Deposit Boxes

We can offer you safe deposit boxes in various sizes for storing your precious metals and other valuables, as well as documents of all types.

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Worldwide Vault Directory

Within our building, you have three vault categories to choose from (storage capacity of up to 100 kg, up to 250 kg and up to 1500 kg).

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Security Vehicles

2 Bullet Proofed


Private Vault Storage

Fully Insured by Lloyd’s of London

Eureka 47-79 Corp., is offering our members secure transportation via PM Transport, to and from Reno, Carson City, Silver Springs, Truckee and Lake Tahoe airports or major resorts with armored vehicles to the private storage vaults.

Your Box, Your Rules

A safe deposit box is a convenient place to store important items that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

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